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Our Story

Great Meats was created to meet the demands of today's online shoppers.  Our company's president has over 25 years of experience in the meat and grocery industry.  Greats Meats is a subsidiary of Can Fung Investments Ltd which is a leader in fresh and frozen meats processing and distribution.  Can Fung distributes meats to hundreds of local retailers, restaurants, bars and fast food chains in the Greater Calgary market.  Great Meats intends to bring this reputable commitment to excellence in supply and service directly to local families such as yours!


At Great Meats, we will deliver the highest quality grade poultry, beef, pork & lamb to the doors of consumers within Calgary.  Understandably, many consumers in today's market are always trying source meats from places other than the usual big box retailers.   We are here to meet such a demand. Our prices are much more competitive than big retailers and we also provide great personable service.  

We source our meats from the most reputable, federally inspected facilities and farms.   We take terrific pride in buying PREMIUM QUALITY products for our customers verses settling on low prices.   We control pricing in house by being efficient with our inventory.  With these principles in mind, customers are always receiving the best quality meats at great fair prices! 

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